Mini GPS Tracker Bluetooth 5.0 Anti-Lost Device Round Square Anti-Lost Device Pet Kids Bag Wallet Tracking Smart Finder Locator

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Square Anti-lost Device Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 GPS Locator with Lanyard Anti-Lost Tracker for Child Bag Wallet for Android IOS


1. Easy to use:
To use this product, you need to download the APP, which can be used by both for Apple/Android phones.

2. Global Bluetooth-compatible positioning function:
The locator will send out a safe Bluetooth-compatible signal every two seconds, so that the surrounding for Apple devices can detect and receive this signal, and upload and share it to for the Apple ICOUD server. The owner can know it through the APP software. To the location of for the tag, you can navigate to find the item.

3. Proximity search function:
When the Bluetooth-compatible connection is made, click search to make for the Findmytag make a sound, and the owner can find the location of the item.

4. Protection level:
The anti-lost locator has waterproof function. The battery life is maintained at 365 days.

5. Product size:
The size of the anti-lost locator is 32x32x9mm.


Certification: CE
Origin: Mainland China
Smart home platform: none
Model Number: Anti-Lost Device
Product name: Bluetooth-compatible anti-lost locator
Product color: Black, white (optional)
Bluetooth-compatible version: 5.0
Sensor: Three-axis accelerometer
Reminder method: Buzzer, LED
Battery capacity: 2032 button battery, 220mAh
Supported platforms: for Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and above
Protection class: Waterproof
Battery life: 365 days
Product size: 32x32x9mm/1.26×1.26×0.35in
Product weight: 9.3g

Bluetooth-compatible locator (please read carefully before using):
This tracker must have an APP installed (both for Android and Apple can be used).
For the first use, the mobile phone number is automatically matched and bound by Bluetooth-compatible. Users can put valuables that are easily lost (such as keys, bags, wallets, etc.) or children, the elderly, and pets together to achieve anti-lost positioning of items or personnel.
Positioning update, depending on the signal strength, there is a delay of 10-30 minutes, remote positioning and navigation.

1. Bind the device before use, and enable Bluetooth-compatible automatic binding;
2. You can call the anti-lost device through a Bluetooth-compatible connection at short distances;
3. Bluetooth-compatible is not required for long distances, the location update is uploaded to the mobile phone through the server, and the navigation is used to find it;
4. The battery can be used for 1 year, replaceable, 2032 button battery;
5. There are no other fees in the follow-up, no need to insert a card;
6. The positioning accuracy is about 5m/16.4ft when the signal is good.


This product is suitable for places with many people, because less people means less mobile devices, and no mobile phones, no location information can be transmitted.
This product relies on for the Apple device to send location information back to us.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Bluetooth-compatible Locator with Lanyard 

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