Mini Flashlight First Aid Inspection Light LED Pen Light Medical Penlight UV Light Yellow/White Light USB Torch UV Flashlight

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Medical Pen Light First Aid Work Inspection LED mini Flashlight Professional Emergency Torch Lamp Doctor Nurse ear-nose-throat oral examination flashlight



1. Light Source: Main light dual light source and side light dual light source. Clear white light is suitable for ENT sores inspection, soft yellow light is suitable for ophthalmological examination, direct light does not hurt the eyes, purple light detection and identification and other functions.

2. With Memory Function: Which gear is turned off, and this gear is turned on.

3. Humanized Switch Design: Stay at any gear for more than 8 seconds, and the single switch is turned off.

4. Mini and Compact: The flashlight is easy to carry with a pen clip.

5. Power Display: When the light is on, the blue light is on, and the red light flashes when the power is insufficient.



Model: White light + yellow light + purple light LED multifunctional medical pen light Type-C USB rechargeable flashlight

Bulb: LED (white light + yellow light) + side light 5*LED (white light + purple light)

Product size: about 13*1.5*1.5cm/5.12*0.59*0.59inch

Net weight: 45g

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Switch: Tail push switch

Battery: Built-in 1 350mAh 10400 battery

Charging method: Type-C USB charging 5V 2A


Main light 2 gear: white light-yellow light, long press to switch to side light

Side light 3 gears: 3*LED white light strong light-3*LED white light weak light-3*LED white light flashing, long press to switch to side light,2*LED purple light strong light- 2*LED purple light weak light.

Stay in any gear for more than 8 seconds, the single switch is turned off

Memory function: which gear is turned off, or this gear is turned on

Zoom mode: fixed

Charging time: 1 hour

Endurance : 32 hours for white light, 30 hours for yellow light

Waterproof grade: IPX5

Lumens: 15-30 lumens

Range: <5m

Indicator light:

Low battery reminder, blue light flashes when the switch position is charging, blue light is on when the switch position is fully charged and in use, and red light flashes when the battery is low.


Package includes:

1 x Flashlight

1 x USB cable

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