New high Sensitive Metal Detector pointer Pinpointing pointer waterproof Hand Held Metal Detector


The product is a new product developed independently, with high stability and high sensitivity design, detection surface for 360 ° detection in all directions, easier to find contraband, product design humane, with special charm accessories, the body is small and easy to carry, the instrument has a high brightness LED light detection head, in the case of insufficient light can be used as a lighting tool. The instrument does not require adjustment and is simple to use.

Product parameters:
1, the detection of a dollar coin sensitivity distance of ≥ 5cm.
2, detection mode: vibration, sound alarm
2, power supply: 9V battery (not included)
3, working environment: temperature -20 ℃ -60 ℃
4, Outline size: 215.5*41.5*43.52mm
5, Package size: 25.5*6*6cm

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