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-Integrated 2000mah battery
C-Type Rechargeable
-LEP white laser torch
-For detailed parameters, please refer to the details below.

Why choose baldr
The baldr store is the only official factory authorized store directly from baldr, with no transfer links. It is dedicated to selling 100% original and genuine products. s140 is a true LEP laser torch created by baldr, (LEP is short for Laser Excitation Phosphor) which converts the light from a pumped blue laser into a fine beam with very high light intensity. The beam is a typical LEP, very thin, with no visible spill, and has a strong hot spot ideal for emission. The close-up hot spot is very bright and serves to add some splash lighting from the glare. It has an actual illumination distance of 1500-2500 meters (not 5000 meters).

Size Length: 6.49 inches.
Head diameter: 1.57 in.
Diameter of main body: 1.18 inches.

Warranty: Returns are processed through AliExpress at baldr store. 15 days to return the product without reason. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, misuse or modification. Only the package is not used or damaged by personal mistake and does not affect the second sale of the package. You may send the item in for repair within 1 year of receipt. Shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

About delivery
After payment, Aliexpress takes approximately 12-48 hours to confirm that the funding channel is secure. Once approved, the package will be shipped within 48 hours.
Shipment from China via Aliexpress standard shipping. The package arrives in your country and tracking details can be found on the local postal website.



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