Super Laser Flashlight 3000M Long Range Spotlight Flashlight Ultra Powerful Flashlight Rechargeable Torch Zoomable Hand Lantern

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White laser LED flashlight parameters:

Wick: 500W LED (latest upgrade)
Irradiation distance: 3000M
Battery: 1*18650/1*26650 battery
Use time: 3-12 hours
Charging port: Type-C USB
Power output: can charge the mobile phone like a power bank
Telescopic Zoom: big floodlight and Spotlight
Torch size: 16.8*5*3.5CM
Material: aviation aluminum alloy
Waterproof grade: IPX6

Reasons to choose this flashlight

1. Multi-color fluorescent strips, colorful in the dark.
2. 5 lighting modes, suitable for multiple occasions. Strong light-medium light-weak light-strobe-SOS
3. Press and hold any gear to shut down, no need to cycle through all the modes tediously.
4. Telescopic zoom, long-range 3000 meters.
5. Type-C USB charging
6. Support output, you can charge your phone when needed.
7. Charging indicator at the switch position Red light flashes when charging, blue light is always on when fully charged and in use
8. Use a rechargeable large-capacity battery for longer battery life.
9. Waterproof grade IPX6
10. Aviation aluminum alloy material, strong and durable, impact resistance of 2 meters.

11.Suitable for diary use, hunting, patrolling, fishing, maintenance, working,searching, camping,hiking and rescue etc.

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