10000 Lumen Diving Flashlight Waterproof Stepless Dimming Underwater 100 Meter Dive Torch Power by 18650 26650 Battery

Price: 44.50 - 30.70


1. Material: the shell is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, which is wear-resistant and resistant to falling.
2. Lamp cup: single-hole aviation grade aluminum alloy reflective cup with strong penetration, brightness of 8000-10000LM, and range of 500-800m.
3. Process: The surface adopts three-level hard anodizing process and 6mm thick tempered explosion-proof glass to prevent rust and corrosion.
4. Waterproof: deep thread waterproof design with deep thread, with O-ring, waterproof grade up to PX8 waterproof, can be submerged to 80-100 meters of the seabed.
5. Gear: This flashlight has the function of stepless push and stepless dimming.
6. Suitable for various underwater activities, such as snorkeling, picking up objects, fishing, etc.


Color: black
Working voltage: 8.4V
Product power: 40W
LED life: 10000 hours
White light color temperature: 7500K
Battery specification: 2×18650 battery or 2×26650 battery
Waterproof depth: 80-100m underwater
Exposure distance: 500-800m
Waterproof grade: IPX8
Dimensions: 214mm in length, 54mm in lamp holder diameter, 35mm in tail diameter
Net weight: 330g

Package A:(No Battery)

1* Flashlight

Package B:(With 18650 Battery)

1* Flashlight
2* 18650 Battery
1* USB Charger

Package C:(With 26650 Battery)

1* Flashlight
2* 26650 Battery
1* USB Charger

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