Gold Metal Detector Accessories S-telescopic Handle Stem telescoping lite pole set underground metal detector telescopic shaft

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Three sectional Universal bar assembly, suitable for metal detector, with armrest included.

The lower part of the rod is telescopic telescopic, allows you to adjust the height of the rod. The length of the bar is adjustable so that it is suitable for both children and adults under two meters in height.

The armset is made of PP material, and the middle section of the bar is made of ABS+PP, the lower part is made of durable nylon that does not bend under the weight of the coil. The sections of the rod are connected by a long sleeve.

The armrest is designed for the forearm of any "dimensions" including if you are wearing a jacket – it does not squeeze anything, everything is convenient.


Please note: If you buy this telescopic pole to assemble the Gold Hunter T90 Metal detector, then please contact me , we can provide you with the gray host buckle for the T90.

Telescopic shaft / Telescoping handheld stem details:

1: The telescopic lite pole is integrally molded and the material is nylon + PC + PP, industrial materials, strong and durable.

2: The telescopic lite pole total weight about 390g, the telescopic lite pole shortest length is 56cm, the max extended length is 100cm.

The complete S-telescopic shaft replacement pole set includes the telescopic pole, lower stem, arm cup. ( same as below picture )


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