OUPPE High Sensitivity Metal Detector and Gold Meter GTX5030 Metal Detection Waterproof Search Coil Underground Metal Detector

Price: 136.73 - 34.18

【HIGH ACCURACY & WATERPROOF SEARCH COIL】:The diameter of the search coil of this metal detector is 6.5 inches,more portable. High sensitivity, allowing you to detect more efficient and time-saving, simpler and easier. The waterproof search coil enables you to detect underwater, which is very suitable for outdoors, such as beaches, streams, and backyards. (Note: The control box is not waterproof)
【TWO OPREATION MODES】: OUPPE metal detector has two operation modes, which can improve your detection efficiency. ALL-METAL (Non-Motion Mode): It can detect iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and other metals and their products in all metal mode. DISC Mode (sports mode): You can detect valuable metal objects while rejecting most garbage targets, saving you time. These two are currently the most stable operating modes.
【STRONG ANTI-INTERFERENCE】: The content of trace metals in different environments is different, causing certain errors in the detection process. Our professional metal detector has a ground balance adjustment function in all metal mode, which can be adjusted according to different environments.
【INTUITIVE INSTRUMENT DISPLAY】: Use arrows to display possible metal types, sensitivity levels, volume levels, DISC range, SENS level with segments, and operating modes. When the detector finds an object, the pointer of the instrument panel will rotate. The larger the number pointed, the closer to the target.
【HUMANIZED ADJUSTABLE DESIGN】: The metal detector has adjustable rods from 31" to 42", suitable for adults or children of different heights. The armrest design is more labor-saving and gives you a comfortable state. Machine battery model: 9V.Wish you a wonderful treasure hunt with OUPPE metal detector.

Practical Metal Detector: perfect for finding metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. Besides, this easy to operate metal detector suitable for research or educational use as well.
Designed to Find Metal: with ALL METAL & DISC two modes to search gold & silver jewelry, coins and other metal in the ground.
Adjustable Height of Metal Detector: adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use.
Detection Indication: audio alert and pointer indicate the detection of metal.
Waterproof Search Coil: you can use the metal detector in the shallow water.
Volume Control: adjust the output volume of the loud speaker or headphone.
Wide Applications: testing metal foreign body of  materials, fuel and food, detection of underground pipeline & line, archaeology, exploration, found buried treasures of gold, silver and metal artifacts, the acquisition of scrap metal industry, customs and safety inspection, police department detective search, checking metal foreign bodies in express delivery and luggage, etc.
Headphone Jack: provided for headphone connection, headphone with 3.5mm jack can be used(Not include). 

Material: ABS plastic aluminum
Frequency: 5KHz
Voltage Range: 7.2~9.6V
Display Mode: Mechanical indicator mode, sound mode
Operating Mode: All metal, disc
Sensitivity: US 25 Cent: 130mm
Distinguish: Ferrous and non-ferrous
Sensitivity: Adjustable
Volume: Adjustable
Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
Battery Condition Indicator: YES
Detect Objects: Metal(Iron nail, iron covering, aluminum ring, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)
Detection Depth: 7.8-10.8cm / 30.71-42.52inch
Power Supply: 2 * 6F22 9V battery (NOT included)
Search Coil Diameter: 200mm / 7.87inches
Adjustable Height of Detector: 82-113cm / 32.28-44.49inch
Metal Detector Weight: 1200g / 42.33oz
Package Size: 54 * 22 * 11cm / 21.26 * 8.66 * 4.33in







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