Cob Strong Light Flashlight LED7 Lamp Bead Rechargeable Super Bright Household Outdoor Long-range Multipurpose Xenon Long-range

Price: 17.95 - 62.76

Flashlight instructions
1, Switch instructions
1. The battery must be installed according to the positive and negative tips of the battery compartment.
2. Press the switch continuously to turn on or off the flashlight and switch modes.
3. The switch is generally arranged at the tail or middle of the flashlight.
2, Special tips:
a. Do not use under overpressure, and the voltage shall not exceed 4.2V
b. The battery must be installed according to the instructions, not reversed, otherwise the plate and battery compartment spring will burn
c. Pay attention to control the change of flashlight temperature to ensure heat dissipation
d. Do not open the circuit board for non professionals
e. The first charge lasts for at least 6 hours. After that, the green light will be on according to the charger.

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