Professional Metal Detector Underground Depth Search Finder Gold Detector Treasure Hunter Detecting Pinpointer Waterproof

Price: 39.14 - 9.78

Please Note:

1.Pointer is not waterproof

2.If the instrument has the ringing the situation 1.please remove interference factors around the machine, such as indoor floor reinforcement, metal watches, gold and silver jewelry, shovel, spade 2. suggested that the open field test in the outdoor use. 3.Plsease remove the battery and install a new battery ,a low battery can also trigger an alarm

machine chassis is waterproof, the host box is not waterproof, do not use in the thunderstorm day machine, avoid host box of water be affected with damp be

1, counterclockwise, open the battery cover, the section 9 v battery into battery cylinder (suggest) with alkaline batteries. Then on the battery cover, and screw clockwise.

2, press the power switch, open the machine.

3, choose the required metal alarm way: vibrations, or sound, or vibration + voice.Operation method:Press the power switch once, select sound alarm if detect metal, machine noise.Press the power switch twice, select vibration alarm if detect metal, machine vibration.Three times the power button, select the vibration + voice call the police. If detect metal, machine vibration and sound.

4, a handheld probe began to detection, when the machine is about 5 cm above the target, machine will alarm.

5 after the use, press the power switch for about 2 seconds to turn it off.Note: this machine is waterproof model, detection in water. Before the water detection, please ensure the battery cover and tighten.


Don’t affix matallic labels (or anymaterial that might cause the detector to alarm ) to the detection area of the GP-POINTER.Doing so might cause an inbalance within the detection field and thereby reduce scanning effectiveness,

PLEASE replace a new battery.

Note: As the detector consumes a lot of power, alkaline batteries are required. If the detection also produces abnormal sound without contact with metal, it is usually due to the use of carbon zinc battery or alkaline battery with low power. Replace with an alkaline battery with sufficient power.

Product Parameters:

•Alarm indication: audio and vibration appear at the same time
• Sensitivity: about ≥ 5 cm (for RMB, one yuan coin)
• Power supply: 9 V battery (6F22ND) ( Not Included )
• Body size: 23 x 3.8 x 2.2cm
• Net weight: 175 grams
• Gross weight: 275 grams

  Detection range:0-4CM

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