ABITOTIBA Liquid Motion Bubbler for Kids and Adults Pack of 9 Great Rainbow Series Liquid Bubbler Timer Sensory Fidget Relaxation Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief Relaxing Autism

Price: $36.88
(as of May 21,2023 20:28:00 UTC – Details)

Excellent quality
Made from Hard Sturdy Plastic through Injection Moulding, with Toxic-Free Mineral Oil and Water, providing a great way to take your mind off whatever may be causing you Stress!

Great and fun sensory toys!
Need a quick break to declutter your mind or take your mind off the things that are stressing you out? This cool oil liquid timer has a calming effect as you watch the colorful droplets cascade down.
These timers are hugely popular amongst Parents, Practitioners and Teachers who are faced with the challenges of supporting patients with Hyperactivity and Relaxation needs!Works wonders for Autism, ADHD Needs and Focusing!
It’s a stress reliever you can carry anywhere you go!

Entertaining for hours on end!
Once all the bubbles have reached the bottom, simply flip the timer over to restart and be mesmerized again! No Batteries Required!

Wonderful Gift Idea
Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer are especially suitable for office workers, people who work beside the computer for a long time.
This is Perfect Gift for All-Occasions!

Package includes:
9 x Liquid Motion Bubbler
1 x Gifi Box

Great for All Ages:
This item is one of those that can be enjoyed by aduls and teenagers alike. Great for keeping on your Desk, on the Dresser in your Room, or on your Kitchen Counter… In short, wherever you think it might come in handy.

Soothing & Relaxing Feeling- Bored and depressed at home? This liquid bubbler is a perfect tool to fight boredom and depressed. If your friends has adhd or autism, hyperactivity, rest assured that our liquid hourglass toy will help your friends relax and remain focused with its slow and rhythmic tempo
Perfect Liquid Bubbler Timer Toys- A gentle fidget toy that pleases the eye and eases for comfort. It relaxes with its colorful droplets flowing to the bottom. Great gift for teenagers & adults
Natural, simple and calm- No battery, no sound, just turn it over and it will start again and again! Slow movement, bright colors and smooth water droplets can help children and adults refocus their attention, release stress or anxiety, and stimulate sensory games. It is very suitable for desks and desks. The soothing rainbow colors remind you to slow down, relax and enjoy every moment
Wonderful Gift Idea- Liquid motion bubbler timer are especially suitable for office workers, people who work beside the computer for a long time. Great gifts for festivals, birthday, celebrations, anniversary and households

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