New Handheld Metal Detector 360 Degree Search Pinpoint Metal Finder Underground Gold Hunter Digger

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1.This is a hand-held metal detector designed to precisely,pinpoint metallic (ferrous and nonferrous) objects,during treasure recovery.

2.The metal detector is intended for use in conjunction with a ground search metal detector to aid in the recovery of metallic targets. 

3.The metal detector has both audible and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects. The alarms increase in intensity as the metal detector is moved closer to the metal target. 

4.With a pinpointing tip plus a scraping blade with side-scan capability, the metal detector is very effective in easily detecting even the smallest of metallic objects. 

5.An LED flashlight assists in dark and low light conditions.


Body size: 15*4*4cm

Color: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black

Temperature range: 5° to 158°F (-15° to +70°C)

Search modes: All Metal non-motion

Target indication: Beeper, vibrate (selectable)  

Target response: Proportional

Housing: Weatherproof

Power supply: 9V battery( Not Included )                                                                           

Package Includes:

1 x Hand Held Metal Detector

1 x User Manual

1 x Bracelet

1 x Woven belt holster

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