Camping Cassette Stove Portable Stove With 2.1kw Stove For Camping And Backpacking Essentials Piezo Electric Ignition Double

Price: 27.38 - 19.17

Outdoor Camping Windproof Furnace Stoves Detachable Wind Shield for Hiking Travel Picnic Fishing
1. Made of 304 stainless steel, detachable, easy to clean, and double windproof.
2. Four windscreens surround the flame, and the flame burns more stably.
3. Universal windproof, suitable for various brands of cassette furnaces such as Yangu/Qianshi/Mixian/Judging.

Maximum calorific value: 2.1KW (1800kcal/h)
Ignition method: piezoelectric ignition
Safety Device: Pressure Sensing Valve
Size 246×204×89mm
Weight about 0.98kg

packing list
Cassette stove*1
1. Due to the color temperature of the display, camera, ambient light, and photography skills, the pictures of some products may have a slight color difference, and the color is subject to the actual product!
2. Please allow a slight size difference due to different manual measurements.
It is recommended to choose 120g, 250g or 220g cylinders from major brands such as Suning, Boyuan, Marxian, Iwatani, etc. It is more comfortable to use with stable air pressure.

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