AKS Handheld Metal Detector Metal Finder 1000M Metal Finder Search Equipment for Gold Silver Copper

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Handheld Metal Detector 1000M Metal Finder Search Equipment for Gold Silver Copper


1. Accurate Measurement: The metal detector has high sensitivity and stability, and can detect metals quickly and accurately.
2. Improve Work Efficiency: Use microcomputer to control the calibration of the chip unit, which can quickly and conveniently scan and detect, which reduces the labor of detection.
3. Strongest Core: Intelligent modular operation, powerful + convenient + speed and efficiency, easy and fast to advanced and efficient.
4. Remote Search And Precise Positioning: This detection method breaks through the traditional detection method and is more convenient and faster.
5. Easy To Use: This equipment is currently an advanced and practical detection method and an economical metal detection instrument.


Item Type: Metal Detector
Material: Aluminum
Weight: Approx. 2743g / 96.8oz
Host Size: Approx. 33×16.5cm / 13.0×6.5in
Transmitter Accessory Size: Approx. 11.4×7.5cm / 4.5×3.0in
Color: Gray
Range: Approx. 1000m / 3280.8ft
Depth: Approx. 20m / 65.6ft
Host Battery (delivered with built in battery): Rechargeable lithium battery, 12V, 1600MAH
Transmitter Accessory Battery (shipped with built in battery): Rechargeable lithium battery, 9.6V, 1200MAH
Transmission Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz
Detection Type: Gold, silver, copper, gems
Charging Time: 10-12 hours
Purpose: Metal search

Package List:

1 x Plug Power Supply 

1 x Host 

1 x Transmitter Accessories

1 x English Manual

1 x Plastic Storage Box


1. The instrument should not be used in direct sunlight.
2. The instrument cannot be placed near a stove or other high temperature environment.
3. The instrument cannot be placed in flammable and explosive materials.
4. The plug of the probe cable should not even be damp. In this case, put the plug in a dry place or lose its detection ability.
5. This product is an accurate instrument. Turn on the switch or press the button, please use moderate force, and the action is simple; the instrument must be gentle and gentle when using it to prevent falling and collision.

How to use:Charging method: The instrument is equipped with a rechargeable battery, directly connected to the charger, rechargeable, and the charging time is 10‑12 hours.

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