Anti-loss Device Alarm Smart Wireless Mini Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Child Pet Bag Wallet Key Finder Phone Box Search Finder

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Anti-loss Device Alarm Smart Wireless Mini Bluetooth Remote GPS Tracker Child Pet Bag Wallet Key Finder Phone Box Search Finder



* Parking site searching

* Voice recording & Self-portrait

* Bluetooth connection with 2 more anti-lost devices simultaniously.

* Simply track the lost items on your smartphone APP.

* Anti-lost to protect your kids,pets and valuables effectively.

* Attach to keys,wallets,phones,watches,pets,kids or other valuables.

* Low Energe consumption,with replaceable Battery:CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery,Lasts for about half a year,you can easily replace yourself.

* Mini and compact to carry.

1.Find lost things-Ring your lost things by smartphone within Bluetooth range, the anti-lost device will play a loud tune until you find .

2.Find your phone-Double press the button of anti-lost device,to make your phone ring.

3.Last place seen-Keep your Tile app running in the background and will remember the last place and time you had your item.

4.Activate Community Find-Connect to one of the largest lost-and-found community, where everyone using the app within range of your lost item can update its location for you.



* Power on:After press for about 3 seconds,”di di di”three beeps,the indicator flashes quickly for 10seconds,no connection,no button operation and every 2 seconds continue to flash for 30 seconds then shut down.

* Shutdown:After a long press for about 3 seconds,a long beep”drip” and the indicator light goes out.

2.Add equipment

* Open the smartphone bluetooth,enter the APP to skip the boot interface,and directly enter the “Add device”interface.Please see the Instruction manual for more details about Android & IOS different interface page.

* Click the “Add device”icon in the interface and the will appear.

* After searching for a new device,click Auto Connect,as show in the .(You can also edit the device name as needed)

* After connecting,click the alarm icon,as show in the ,you can hear the anti-lost”drip”alarm sound,then you can find the anti-lost device.The “drip”sound can be called continuously,such as clicking the alarm icon again,the sound stops.

* Enter the setting interface,you can alarm ringtones,alarm distance selection, show in the figure

* Click”System settings”to view the recording file and set the double-click option as shown in the figure

3.Taking pictures

* Use the camera function and click the anti-lost device to achieve the camera function.


The function can only keep the position when the anti-lost device is disconnected from the mobile phone,and the position of the disconnection can be found in the “lost record”,for this feature,you need to turn on the GPS and the phone stays connected to the network.


Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energe consumption

Compatible Devices:iPhone4S/5/5S/5C,iPad & Mini,iTouch 5,iPad3/4 (ios7.0 or above)& Android system,Bluetooth 4.0 Smartphone(Android 4.3 version and up-grade version)

Working Distance:≤25m(Outdoor environment)

Battery:CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery

Note: APP download:

Android system in the application treasure download, ios system download in the app store

APP:isearching or Dycoo TrackerPA


Package Included:

1* Bluetooth anti-lost device

1* User Manual



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