Handheld Foldable Metal Detector Tester Scanner Search Security Tool Instrument Hand held Metal Finder Detecting Machine

Price: 10.00

Portable Metal Detector Professional Mini Handheld Metal Detector
Folding Body Detector
Product features:
It can be used for public security in airports, railway stations, docks, prisons, customs and frontier defense as well as quality control of medicine, food and other commodities.
With very low power consumption, this detector can work for over 40 hours continuously
Use a coin to test the metal detector function. When the coin passes the detector the LED power light will be on and a short beep can be heard.
Low voltage alarm: when you turn on the power switch of the metal detector but hear continuous alarm, it means the battery voltage is low and should be replaced.
1. LED power indicator
2. Operating Frequency: 25KHz
3. Operating Current: < 50mA
4. Operating Voltage: 9V DC Battery(Don't included)
5. Operating temperature: -10ºC to 50ºC
6. Charging time: 14~16 hours
7. Weight: 0.34kg
Packing list:
1.1*handheld metal detector
2.1*User manaulO1CN01oDenwT1TELHvsyYBH_!!99122350O1CN016W16OZ1TELHtu8Gka_!!99122350O1CN01Q3xLr21TELHsjjuIS_!!99122350O1CN011na4C91TELHtcUmWk_!!99122350O1CN014Byrd01TELHlNH7wq_!!99122350



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