Cordless Caulking Gun, 20V Electric Caulk Adhesive Gun with 2*2.0Ah Li-Battery & Anti-Drip Design

Price: $114.00
(as of Mar 24,2023 00:09:46 UTC – Details)

Product Description

caulking guncaulking gun

battery powered caulking gunbattery powered caulking gun

caulk guncaulk gun Please Note:

To reduce the risk of personal injury, turn unit off and disconnect battery pack before installing and removing accessories, before adjusting or making repairs

What’s in the box 1 x RUALION cordless caulking gun 1 x Fast Charger 2 x Battery (2.0 Ah)

RUALION Cordless Caulking Gun

-Only a gentle press to the trigger and it will apply a nice smooth bead of caulk

-Drip-free design, everyone who used it has fallen in love with this feature

-Equipped with LED light, so it can work easily even in the dark

-1 battery = 100 sealants, the work efficiency is super high

Specifications: Rated voltage: 20 V MAX Pushing force: 6500N Item Weight (Battery Installed): 4.4 LB

Quick Start Guide

Cordless caulking gunCordless caulking gun

RUALION caulking gunRUALION caulking gun

【2 Batteries & Fast Charger Included】RUALION caulking tool is supplied with all accessories. The actual duration of the 2.0Ah 20V battery at the highest speed is about 240 minutes, which is absolutely enough for our daily work. Also we can alternate the 2 batteries in turns without delay. Fast charger is included and it only takes about 50 minutes to fully charge.
【Glue Speed Is Under Our Control】RUALION caulking gun’s unique 6-speed shifting mode allows us to better control the amount of glue (Most of products in the market are 4 modes). With 6500N max dispensing force, the pushing speed can be adjusted from 0 to 8.7mm/s (23inch/min), help us make every job perfect.
【Lock-On Switch for Labor Saving】There is a lock-on switch for continuous operation on the handle. We don’t have to hold down the button all the time. To exit this continuous working mode, we just need to press the glue trigger again. After using it, we will find that this operation logic is very smooth.
【Intimate Anti – Drip Feature】Don’t let a sudden drop of glue ruin our perfect artwork. The RUALION caulk gun is equipped with an anti-drip function, when we stop using it, the plunging rod will automatically retract, preventing excess adhesive from dripping out. This is not a waste of time, but to complete our work faster and better.
【LED Light Dispel the Darkness】The RUALION glue gun has an LED light in the base area, it automatically lights up when the glue gun is working. The light is focused on the hose head, which is convenient for us to work in the dark. Meanwhile there is a 3-color light indicates the remaining power, No need to worry about the sudden power outage when using.

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