ANENG DM3004A Metal Detector Battery Operated Handheld Scanner Wand with Sound Alarm Search Tool Hotel Accessories

Price: 20.55 - 12.33

Quick: The handheld metal detector is able to quickly locate small items, such as coins, jewelry and other metal objectives.
Easy operation: This metal scanner is easy to operate with one switch button, convenient for users to operate with one hand.
Alarm and light: The metal search tool will automatically give off sound alarm and show LED lights when approaching a target metal.
Compact: The metal detector is lightweight and very small, convenient for users to hold with hands.
Battery-operated: The metal detector is powered by batteries, convenient for users to use and maintain.
Size (Stretch): Approx. 394x140mm/15.51×5.51 inch.
Battery: DC9V 6F22 (Not Included).
Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃.
Current Consumption: <3mA.
There might be a few color distortions due to different computer resolutions.
There might be a slight error due to different hand measurements.
Package Includes:
1 Piece Metal Detector (with 1 Piece User Manual).

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