MD950 Underground Metal Detector Gold Digger Finder Metal Detecting Tool Treasure Finder Waterproof Search Coil for Adults Kids

Price: 145.48 - 72.74

With LCD display which shows the probable type of metal, the depth of the target, ran-ge of DISC&NOTCH, the level of SENS, and battery condition, it also has the numeric display for the target.

Three tone of audio discrimination: with three different sounds, high, medium and low, means different types of target.

With 10 inch waterproof search coil, you can use it even under shallow water. (Note: the control box is not waterproof.)

Super slow sw-eep identification function: With a very slow sw-eep of the search coil to discriminate different types of metal.

With the backlight, so you can use this detector even in dark places, do not need to worry about can not see the data clearly.

PP function can let you pinpoint the location of the target accurately, give you a better using experience.


Metal detector can detect metals including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and their articles in ALL METAL Mode. The DISC & NOTCH Modes make you can ignore unwanted metal improving the detection efficiency. Pinpoints the location of target accurately in P/P Mode.

1.Ease of Maintenance- The underwater metal detector is an IP68 waterproof unit with a 10″ search coil is shielded with plastic, and the shaft that the coil is connected to is made of aluminum. Also, this metal detector waterproof can be easily cleaned and save.

2. 20% bigger LCD display screen that you can utilize in the finding of hidden metals. ② Nine brightness adjustment settings of this metal detector make you could use it in a different type of situations. Note: Two 9v batteries are not included.

3.[User Friendly Design]- metal detector has a dimension of 48 x 10 x 10 inches, and it weighs 2.31 pounds. Besides, it has a 3.5mm headset jack that can be used with conventional headsets.not included. It’s such a unit one can utilize with maximum comfort and freedom.


Packing list:

1 * Metal Detector Main Unit

1 * Armrest

1 * Search Coil

2 * Adjustable Rod

1 * S Elbow

1 * User Manual

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