Water Pipe Leak Detector High Precision Outdoor Home Underground Pipeline for searching water pipe leak location

Price: 1,612.99 - 1,129.09

Water Pipe Leak Detector High Precision Outdoor and Home Underground Pipeline Water Leak Detector

AMLS-C Economical water leak detector is a special instrument for searching and confirming the location of water pipe leak. It can also be used for other pressure pipe system.
When the liquid in pipe overflows under pressure, noise can propagate along the pipe or spread to the ground through buried media,our instrument can confirm the location of leaks along the pipeline or above the ground surface.

Water Leak Detector uses low-power microprocessor and advanced special filter for digital processing of noise.
The instrument picks up the noise and transforms it into electric signal through special designed broadband high sensitivity vibration sensor (Vibration pickup),after amplification and digital filtering processing,display on the LCD screen with two display.


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