DISCOVER Pro professional big search coil gold metal detector

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DISCOVER Pro professional big search coil gold metal detector
Congratulations on your purchase of the new TIANXUN ® Discover Pro metal detector.The newly designed Discover Pro has been custom designed to find the smallest gold nuggets,but unlike other specialized gold prospecting prospecting detectors,it can also be used for relic- huntingand coin-shooting.Whether you use your Detector in the backyard, attheshore line,in the mountains or fields afar,your investment willlet you experience
the excitement of searching for yet uncovered treasuresand give you hoursand years of outdoor enjoyment.Out on your own or with a group, places to use your Discover Pro are unlimited as buried treasures can be as near as your door step or as far as you wish to travel. This manual has been written to help you get optimal use of your detector, so we hope you will read it thoroughly before your first
outing and will also refer back to this manualfrom time to time to reinforce features and methods as you become more proficient in the field.


Its waterproof search coil can let you search the metal in water. 



Power supply

    One*9V(6F22) battery(not include)


     8 setting

Operation modes




     15" DD waterproof search coil with cable


     Three-tone audio

Detected indication

     LCD display

Battery Condition Indicator



     Ferrous and non-ferrous

Light function

can be use in dark area or night


     1 years











Company information:


Shanghai TianXun is devoted to research and development, produce and sell in the field of metal detectors and security equipment more than 10 years, three are many series:

 Underground Metal Detector: kids, Beginners, Hobby, Professional metal detector.

Hand-held Metal Detector: Underwater, Security metal detector, Pinpointers

Security Equipment: Security Metal Door, X-ray Security equipment




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