WD-MI Road Safety Security Mirror Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror Under Car Search Mirror

Price: 250.00

WD-Ml Under Car Search Mirror Under vehicle inspection mirror

WD-MI Under Car Search Mirror is the latest scientific and technological achievements. It is very lightweight.  Product is suitable for police or security services to carry out the hidden-check, and to operate for a long time. Check-mirror can be stretched, which greatly enhanced the applicability in varieties of environments. If necessary, the rod can be stretched quickly to have a check, and operator does not bend over. 

Rod length: from 45cm to 110cm.

Mirror: Acrylic material, diameter 14cm.

Connection Part: Plastic material 

This check-mirror is an ideal tool, which is applicable to check cars, machinery, warehouses, schools, factories and others difficult to see directly. It can be used for airport security, parking inspection, the military regional inspection, and personal checks, such as private cars. We have supplied some corresponding products for regional Games, important meetings, local police, top hotels and large-scale factories.

WD-MI Under Vehicle Search Mirrors specifications

1. Mainly for the police, security personnel use

2. Simple to use

3. The surface of the acrylic mirror is very clear

5. Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment

The materials are in line with Rhos technology standards, suitable for export to other countries.

WD-MI Under Car Search Mirrors Package

10PCS one carton

G/W: 8.5kg/ctn

Package size: 52*48*26cm/ctn

Shipping charge weight 13kg/ctn

WD-MI Under Car Search Mirrors Packing List

1pcs * acrylic mirror ( mirror dia.14cm)

1pcs * rod ( rod length from 45-110cm)

1pcs * connection part ( plastic )

Flashlight is optional

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