4 in 1 Multicolor Flashlight, Red Green Blue White RGBW Flashlight, Single Mode 4 Color LED Flashlight Torch for Night

Price: 5.83 - 4.84

WRGB white light red light green light blue light 4 light source flashlight zoom spotlight long shot super bright flashlight

Material: aluminum alloy

Brand Name: Activefire

Model name: E17

LED emitter: WRGB LED white light red light green light blue light

Mode: 4 modes (white light – red light – green light – blue light)

Lamp life: 100,000 hours

Colour: Black

Proposed Color: The above description –

Switch: Tail click/click

Battery: 1×18650/3xAAA (not included)

Accessories include:

1 flashlight

1×18650 casing

1xAAA battery holder

Ideal for: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing, Auto Emergencies and Home Repair, etc.

Lighting distance: > 50 meters

Lighting time: > 14 hours

Lens: Convex lens with anti-reflection coating

Protection class: IP65 waterproof

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