179999LM New White Laser Flashlight Telescopic Zoom 3000m Ultra Powerful Flashlight With Usb Charging 5000mAh Rechargeable Lamp

Price: 27.98

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Irradiate 3000 meters!

Super cost-effective! 2023 latest white laser flashlight!

About new upgrade white laser flashlight
The latest flashlight in the whole market! The newly upgraded white laser wick has strong light-gathering ability and can illuminate 3000 meters! Suitable for hunting and camping. Made of all aluminum alloy, superior quality, mini and light, and super long standby time! 20 hours of use with a 5000mAh battery! The strength is waterproof, and it can be used normally in rainy days!
Data about white laser LED Flashlight:
—Wick:white laser LED (latest upgrade)
—Irradiation range: 300 square meters
—Irradiation distance: 3000M
—Battery: 1*18650 battery or 26650 battery(3200mAh) or big 26650 battery(5000mAh)
—Using time: 3-20 hours
—Power display: 100%-75%-50%-25%
—Charging port: Type-C, fast charging
— Telescopic Zoom: Yes
—Waterproof: Yes
—Long press to power off: Yes
—Flashlight size: 17*3.3*4cm
—Quick shutdown: long press the switch to shut down

High quality flashlight!

The flashlight is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy with high-quality materials, and it will not be damaged even if it falls from a height of 4 meters. The flashlight strap is small and moderate, easy to carry.

New upgrade white laser wick!

Bright and large aperture, super light-gathering ability! Irradiate 3000 meters!

telescopic zoom flashlight

With a large aperture and ultra-long irradiation distance, it is super suitable for outdoor hunting enthusiasts, and the prey within 1 km can be clearly seen

5 light modes: strong light-medium light-low light-fast flashing-SOS.

Quick shutdown: long press the switch to shut down

Fast charging: use the Type-C charging cable

Smart battery display: 100%-75%-50%-25%

Super waterproof function!

It can also be used normally in heavy rain without affecting

Actual shooting of flashlight remote lighting scene in the city:

Outdoor camping, outdoor adventure actual shooting brightness:

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