Tactical Powerful Flashlight P70 L2 Camping Lamp USB Charging Flashlight Outdoor 26650 Battery Rechargeable Torch Camping

Price: 21.28 - 12.77


Ultra-bright L2 and P70 lamp beads, L2 to 1600 lumens, p70 to 4800 lumens,P70 is the best choice for outdoor lighting.

Product Information

Material: aluminum alloy
Lamp Bead Model: L2 / XHP70
Lighting mode: high / low / SOS
Charging method: Micro USB charging
Battery: 26650 rechargeable battery
Working gear: 3 gears
Working voltage: 3.7V
Product color: black
Whether to adjust the focus: No
Product weight: P70 217g bare lamp and L2 170g bare lamp


1. P50 lamp beads, strong long-range shooting ability, wide irradiation range, long battery life
2. Deepen the large light cup: deepen the design of the large light cup, condensing and strong light for long-distance, convenient for lighting use
3. Astigmatism-spotlight mode, convenient to use in different situations
4. Middle switch: rubber material, non-slip surface treatment, light touch switch to switch the lighting mode

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NOTE :More than 95% of buyers will regret not buying a package with a battery and a charger, because in their country, the battery and charger are very expensive. But in China, the battery and charger are not only excellent in quality, but also cheap. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a package with a battery and charger.



1. Waterproof: It can be used in rainy days, but please do not put it directly into the water
2. The plug has 4 specifications EU/US/UK/AU, please choose the plug you need according to the plug specifications of your country


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