Convoy 3X21B Flashlight with XHP70.3 HI Led Linterna Type-C Charging strong light Torch 21700 Hunting Searching Camping Lantern

Price: 161.14 - 96.69


Material: aluminum alloy
Led:XHP70.3 HI
Host: black integrated compartment
Low voltage warning: automatic power off
Reverse polarity protection: none, The positive pole of the battery should face the head of the flashlight, otherwise it will burn out the drive circuit.

Lens type: double-sided coated glass lens
Reflector: Orange peel

Driver: output 6V 15A, boost constant current, Built-in temperature protection

Charging interface: TYPE-C (charging current 3A)
Switch position: on the side of the flashlight head
Mode memory: yes
Tailstand: yes
Required battery type: 3*21700 batteries (without protective plate)
Number of batteries required: 3

Mode operation instructions: the button ——> flashlight is turned on
with last brightness ——> press the
button,brightness ramping up ——> release
and press the button again,brightness
ramping down
2.flashlight off, press the button ——>
moonlight mode [This brightness will not be
3.flashlight on or off, 2-click the button ——>
turbo 100%
4.flashlight off,3-click the button ——> strobe
5.flashlight off,4-click the button ——> tactical
mode, only 100% ,4-click the button again to
quit tactical mode.
6.flashlight off,5-click the button ——> voltage
detection (* means "flash" , *** pause *******
means 3.7V, )
7.flashlight off,6-click the button ——> ramping
mode switch to 4modes 1%-10%-40%-100% 8.flashlight off,10-click the button ——> Lock
mode,The flashlight will flash once under any
operation, which means the flashlight is
locked.10-click the button again to quit lock
mode,Please note that this is the only way to
The flashlight has low voltage protection and
temperature control protection.


1. If you put the flashlight in a bag, be sure to loosen the connection between the battery tube and the head. Otherwise, the flashlight may be turned on by mistake, which hasa risk of burning the contents in the bag.
2. Please use TYPE-A to TYPE-C cable and 5V adapter to charge the battery.
3. The first batch of flat-to-top 21700 adapter were processed by CNC, and there are serious processing marks. If you mind, you can buy the second batch in mid-July.The second batch is processed with molds, and there is no trace of processing.

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