Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Aporana 36″ × 47″ Office Gaming Rolling Floor Mat, Under Desk Low-Pile Office Rug, Large Anti-Slip Multi-Purpose Hard Floor Mat, Black

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Product Description

office chair matoffice chair mat

Why you need a chair mat?

When you are at home, your may worry about the wheels of the rolling chairs scratching your hardwood floor and slippery and always noisy, this office chair mat is designed to solve all your problems, it is not only a floor protector, but also a good companion of your leisure time.

Our office chair mat has a unique surface texture material and sufficient grip to maintain controlled rolling, so that your office chair casters can move easily when performing daily tasks, the chair will not slide, and effectively cling to the floor without scratching.

under desk mat

under desk mat

desk floor mat

desk floor mat

office rugs for rolling chairs

office rugs for rolling chairs

No Noise

The noise-reducing floor mat can be moved at will without generating noise. Even playing games or working at night will not affect others.

Anti-slip & Steady

The desk chair mat protects the floor from being damaged by the chair legs and casters. It allows the chair casters to move smoothly instead of grabbing the feet or casters on the mat.

Pasted Hard Floor Mats

The back of the chair cushion can be torn and attached to the floor, and the chair cushion is textured to protect your chair from sliding and tipping over.

 floor mats for desk chairs floor mats for desk chairs

The office chair mat is made of strong viscose, which can grasp the ground and is not easy to slide.This is recyclable and does not leave glue residue when removed.So it retains strong adhesion when reused.

 floor desk mat floor desk mat

【Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor】- This 36″ x 47″ office chair mat is made of 0.16’’ thick polyester, 100% polyester and PE adhesive film. It reduces the noise of rolling chairs, protects your hardwood floors from damage by hard chair wheels and saves you the expensive cost of repairing hardwood or laminate.
【Easy to Use & Remove】- Remember to clean the floor and tear off the PE film on office chair mat before using. The back of the office chair mat is made of reusable viscose fiber, which fits your floor perfectly. It can also be easily removed when you want to store it. There will be no residue left on your floor. The adsorption effect does not diminish when used again.
【Firmly Fixed & Non-Slip】- The back of the office chair mat is made of an adhesive and adsorbed material that makes it non-slip and stays firmly on the floor, not easily moved by the sliding of the chair, eliminating the need to repeatedly adjust the position of the mat and providing you with a natural, quiet and calm working environment.
【Room Decor & Free Cutting】- The office chair mat for home can enhance your room decor and add beauty to your home. The office chair mat is cuttable and can be freely cut into different sizes just according to your needs, such as a living room chair mat, kitchen table floor mat or fitness equipment floor mat, etc.
【Easy to Clean & Reliable Customer Care】- The office chair mat is really easy to clean, just vacuum up the dirt or put it in the washing machine to clean. Our highly trained service team always stand behind the product, communicating and following up. If there is any problem or suggestions with the office chair mat, please feel free to contact with us. We will always be here for you.

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