Color Outdoor Tool Aluminum Alloy Hook Hanging Buckle Camping Wind Rope Buckle Round Buckle Clothesline Buckle Self Locking Hook

Price: 3.38 - 2.40

Product name: round self-locking buckle/Outdoor camping accessories

Style: Quick Hang Hooks

Bearing weight: 5kg

Color: gold/red/blue/brown

Weight: about 11g

Size: 4.2x6cm

Material: aluminum alloy

Place of Origin: made in China


1.Hang to tent ropes, cups, camping lights, keys and other diverse products

2.Oxidized pendants, bright and bright colors, a variety of styles to choose from

3.Aluminum alloy material, lightweight and durable

4.Simple operation and easy to use


1.Q: When will the goods be shipped after payment?

A:Payments are usually issued within 1-5 days, and holidays or special weather delivery times are delayed accordingly.

2.Q:When can I receive the goods?

A:Usually, the goods are received within 15-60 days, and the delivery time of different logistics methods is different. Our buyers are generally available in 30-45 days.Holidays will be delayed, if you have any logistics problems, please contact customer service.

3.Q:What if I have a problem with the goods I received?

A:If the goods are damaged or there is a quality problem, please send us a picture of the problem goods and we will reissue or refund you if we confirm that it is our cause.

4.Q:How much can I buy for a discount?

A:Please contact us, we will give you the best price based on the quantity you buy.

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