Underground Metal Detector TC-500 Deep Search Gold Detector Professional LCD Treasure Hunter Finder Scanner Searching Seeker new

Price: 202.90 - 142.03

TC-500 yellow

Smart sensor An underground metal detector is an electronic instrument that can detect the presence of nearby metals. Underground metal detectors can be used to find metal inclusions hidden in objects, or metal objects buried in the ground. They usually consist of sensor probes that can sweep across the ground. Usually the device will give some indication of the distance; the closer you are to the metal, the higher the reading.

Use this detector to detect mineral deposits that are not deeply buried, including primary gold, gold, and gold
And other rich sedimentary sand. Detecting natural gold bars is looking for metal coins.
Use a balance; most gold is highly mineralized in rocks, so care must be taken
Adjust to balance. In the ore, gold is extremely broken
Mixed with sand, silt and heavy metal ores, there are often a lot of signals and ferrous metals. This is caused by
The same mixture causes, but the reaction is weaker than pure metal, and generally has a wider sound range.

1. Apply electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of hidden metal objects.
2. Designed for finding underground gold and silver jewelry, coins and other metals and mines.
3. The height of the metal detector is adjustable, with ground balance and exploration mode recognition.
4. Light and sound indicate that metal is detected.
5. Powered by a rechargeable 1.5V or 3.7V lithium battery.
6. The sensitivity of the size detection range is adjustable.
7. Headphone sound mode, suitable for private search in noisy environments or crowded places.
8. Low battery indicator, indicator light
9. Digital display plus backlight function

packing list:
1*Metal detector host (without battery)
1 * Handrail
2 * Connecting rod
1 * Search coil
1 * User Manual


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