SQ3 SQ5 SQ7 S3 TTRS letter logo car stickers for Audi Sport series modified accessories displacement rear tail decoration decals

Price: 4.30 - 3.44

【Note】If you need bulk purchase, please contact us, we support wholesale

tips:Our products support customization, if you do not find what you want, please contact customer service, we will reply as soon as possible.

【Installation method】Wipe the installation point clean, tear off the double-sided tape on the reverse side of the logo, align it with the installation position and press it firmly.

【Installation Instructions】

1. Clean the parts of the car body to be pasted, and ensure that the pasting places are: dry, clean, no oil stains, no water vapor and no wax within three days;

2. Carefully peel off the protective film of the car logo adhesive; paste it on the part to be pasted, push it from top to bottom along the car logo, and press it again;

3. Make sure not to wash the car within 48 hours after pasting.

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