UNI-T UT12E AC voltage detector UT12D; adjustable sensitive non-contact smart electric tester UT12S/UT12M

Price: 18.98 - 9.49

UNI-T UT12 Pro 24V-1000V AC Voltage Detector Meter Non-contact Pen Tester Electric Pencil Stick Socket Voltmeter Tester


Please note batteries are not included

1.Safe, reliable, high sensitivity, non-contact test pencil that can distinguish between neutral live wires

2.AC voltage measuring range:24V-1000V(UT12D/E/M),90V-1000V(UT12S)

3.High Low Dual Mode detect(Low:24-1000Vgreen,High:90-1000V red),UT12S only high mode(90V-1000V)

4.Audio Light Alarm,buzzer and seing LED frequencies increase when detector gets closer to the test object

5.Low voltage indication

6.Auto Power Off(5 minutes don't use the dectector, it will be powered off automatically)

7.With Flashlight

8.CAT IV 1000V

9.1 meter drop-proof(UT12S/D) ,2meter drop-proof(UT12E/M)

10.Magenetic solenoid detection(UT12M)

11.Vibration mode(UT12E)

12.ETL,CE certificate

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