2022 World Soccer Trophy Replica Football Award Soccer Fans Souvenirs(5 Inch Tall)

Price: $23.99
(as of Nov 28, 2022 15:18:13 UTC – Details)

Production process: After the mold is used to cast the resin once, the outer surface is polished and polished, and then three layers of transitional material are plated repeatedly. Finally, the surface is coated with gold paint, and a total of 4 layers of coating are formed. Finally, the residual materials on the surface are cleaned up.
Material: It is made of resin and gold-plated.
Simulation, and the real thing in appearance is very close, shiny and feel excellent.
For most fans, is a cheap souvenir and decorations.
It can be used as trophies for various types of Soccer competitions, whether personal or team.
When you’re at home, you’re sure to be very eye-catching and make your friends and family envious.

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