Vacuum Bag for Clothes Storage Bag Reusable Clothes Organizer Seal Compressed Travel Saving Space Bags Seal Packet

Price: 6.65

Product Name

Vacuum Storage Bag




40x60cm / 50x70cm / 60x80cm / 70x100cm / 80x110cm


Fill the vacuum clothes storage saving bag, seal, tight and place the hand pump or your vacuum cleaner into the valve until it has sucked out all the air. Perfect for clothes, curtains, towels, rugs, blankets, duvets, mattress, comforters, bedding, etc.

Product Feature

  1. 【Durable & Reusable】: Made of healthy and environmentally friendly PA + PE material, the Vacuum Bags are dustproof, water-proof, odor-proof and mildew-proof. With double-layer design in a high quality 0.99mm thickness brings both the strength and the ductility, protecting your clothing and bedding after repeated use.
  2. 【Sealed Vacuum Storage Ability】: Equipped with double zip seal and the unique turbo valve that completely isolate clothing from the air and keep vacuum for a year-long period, our Vacuum Bags guarantee the safety of your clothing wherever you go and are an ideal solution for overtime storage.
  3. 【Waterproof and Moisture-proof】: Dense material prevents water and moisture from entering these space saver bags, protecting your clothes and bedding.
  4. 【Various Sized Space Saver Bags】: There are five various sizes of vacuum bags. You can choose the appropriate size vacuum bag and numbers to achieve classified preservation, making the most of your living space.
  5. 【Hand Pump】: The hand pump can help you extract the air out conveniently and efficiently to enhance the vacuum storage effect. Buy one if you need it!
  6. 【Maximize Your Living Space】: Expands your limited wardrobe or home space with the vacuum storage bags,which are capable of saving 75% more space. Use our Vacuum Storage Bag to manage your heavy blankets, duvets, clothes, bed sheets, towels or even cuddly toys, adding more storage space to your wardrobes, closets, garages, basements, lofts, and even suitcases.


1 * Vacuum Storage Bag


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