Ultrassist Suture Kit for Medical Students, Ultra-Large Stitching Kit with Pre-Cut Wounds & Extra Space, Includes Suture Instruments & Threads for Suture Training Practice (Education Use Only)

Price: $39.96 - $35.50
(as of May 25,2022 13:28:58 UTC – Details)


As medical student, we can practice we suturing skills with smelly green bananas, orange, pigs feet or chicken cutlets, we don’t have a choice before but now we have better options: Silicone suture training pad, which can be more effective. They are made of high-quality silicone material, non-smelly, non-toxic, hygienic, durable & portable, and they can have diffent sizes, shapes and depths or pre-cut wounds to simulate different suturing tasks. There are various suture practice pads in the market, such as dark skin silicone suture pads, suture pad with non-slip plastic base, human skin pad with Curved Base, small suture pad etc, but why choose us?


Ultrassist now offers you the best high-quality suture kit for both beginners and advaned users: Ultra-large silicone suture practice pad with extra space for DIY cutting, upgraded mesh, stainless steel tools, suturing threads and needles. Our silicone pad uses the latest generation techncs in the skin layer, upgraded to be more shallow to the surface, will make the suturing pad hard to break, tear, or rip apart. If you are looking for a low-cost and effective suture practice kit with superior quality, you’ve got to try this one, you will be loving it.

Product includes:

✔ 6.9 x 7.9 inches suture Practice Pad X 1
✔ Ttraining scissor X 1
✔ Hegar needle driver X 1
✔ Adson forceps x 1
✔ Scalpel handle x 1
✔ Mosquito forceps x 1
✔ Blades x 3
✔ Various Nylon monofilament sutures X 9
✔ Various Silk braided sutures X 9

Note: This suture kit is used for suture practice or training purpose only. Not intended to be used for actual clinical activities.

✅ Ultra large silicone suture pad-Designed by professional surgeon and tested by thousands of medical students, different shapes and sizes of pre-cut incision to match different kinds of training tasks. Best suture kit for learners of different levels. Also great for educational demonstration.
✅ Upgraded mesh & More durable material – The large practice suture pad is designed with a upgraded strong mesh that is more shallow to the surface (within the skin layer), which make the suture pad not easy to Rip, Tear apart or Break when the sutures/needles stitch through. The silicone material is more tough compare with the 1st generation. The upgrade is based on thousands of tests and feedbacks from actual users, most of them are medical students and advice from doctors.
✅ Skin Safe & LIFELIKE PAD – Don’t waste your smelly fruits and dirty pigs feet. Our suture pad is made of high-quality & food-grade silicone material, non-smelly, non-toxic, reusable, environmental friendly, human skin-like, with 3 layers of different densities and built-in mesh (within skin layer), making it incredibly anatomical likeness and durable to suture.
✅ Best Suture Kit- This large Suture Practice Pad comes in 6.9 x 7.9 inches, large size, variety of wounds, extra space for DIY incisions cutting, reusable if you take good care of it, portable from your apartment to classroom, and easily perform the stitching practice or demonstration anywhere when needed. The best your can get for your suturing skills and stitching technics.
✅What you get: ULTRA-LARGE SUTURE PRACTICE PAD-with upgraded built-in skin mesh and extra flat space for DIY cutting, STAINLESS STEEL TOOLS – training scissor, Hegar needle driver, Adson forceps, Mosquito forceps, scalpel handle and scalpel handles. VARIOUS SUTURING THREADS & NEEDLES –Nylon monofilament training threads and Silk braided training threads for DEVERSE SCENARIO PRACTICE.

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