Plastic Renovator Coating For Auto Plastic Rubber Repair Clean Restore Gloss Black Shine Seal Brighten Retread Car Care HGKJ 24

Price: 10.94 - 6.01


Removes light oxidation, dirt, wax residue and surface film with easeProtects against further deterioration caused by sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals and airborne contaminantsCleans and protects exterior trim of all colorBrings back that like-new color

Used for the surface of plastic parts that lose the black, bright texture, gloss, and whitishness ….. the front bumper is whitish, the rear and rear bumpers are easily dirty, and the rearview mirror is aging

After Coating Hydrophobic/Self-cleaning/Long Lasting

1. Pour this product on the sponge and apply evenly, wait for drying;

2. Leave the product on plastic for 24 hours to fully moisturize, then wipe it again with a dry towel.


Product type: Long-lasting hydrophobic refreshing agent for plastic parts

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