Edenseelake Red Rose with Music Box, Multi Color Change Lights Valentines Day Gifts for Her Women Wife Girlfriend, Sometimes You Forget That You’re Awesome for Anniversary Christmas Birthday Gift

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                                           <h3> Welcome To Our Store </h3>                                    <p> EdenseeLake is a professional designer and supplier of household products for 3 years. </p>    

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                                      <p> As a professional designer and supplier of household products, EdenseeLake is dedicated to providing quality products and service. We are specialized in the picture frames, wall shelves, craftworks. Our mission is 'Make the life colorful, Let the love Shine'. Our Vision is that everyone can get economical, convenient, safe, and unique products. </p>    

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                                            <h3> Valentines Day Gifts </h3>    

 <br>Unique Design: The combination of red rose and music box, which is the right gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas. The rose is a symbol of true love. The music is "You Are My Sunshine", the melody is full of love and warmth. The slow flashing LED enhances the charm of the gift.<br>The music box: The front of the music box has been carved with " Sometimes You Forget That You're Awesome So This Is Your Reminder", the other 3 facades have been carved with the retro pattern. The music box with a hand crank plays clear and beautiful music by rotating the handle.<br>Size: 3.1*3.1*3.9inch (7.6*7.6*9.56cm), which is a right size gift.<br>Slow Flashing LED: The slow flash LED in 7 colors, which enhances the charm of the red rose.<br>Operation: Opening the lid and taking the roses out of the box. Then taking the LED out of the foam on the side, turn on the switch, and putting the LED in the corner of the box, inserting the rose into the hole in the middle. You can see the colorful lights setting off the rose, and at the same time rotating the crank, the wonderful music comes out right away.
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