K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Natural Dog Bones Made In USA Marrow Filled Bone Chew Treats For Small Medium Large Breed Aggressive Chewers Dogs Who Struggle With Boredom Best Up To 50 Pounds 6 Pack

Price: $29.99 - $24.99
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Product Description

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    K9 &amp; Parent Approved Dog Bones

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        Treat your four-legged friends with the finest, safe, and all-natural dog bones and treats. All K9 Connoisseur products are just one ingredient and made from free-range grass-fed cattle, born and raised in the USA. Unleash the ancestral wolf in your K9, with nutrient packed marrow filled bones. Hickory smoked to lock in the flavor of the bits of meat hanging off the bone. Theses dense and thick bones are made to stand up to the most active chewers, while also treating your K9 with what they deserve. What a K9 deserves, you can give.

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    Our Mission: Rescue 10,000 K9s From Euthanization by 2023  

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        For every K9 Connoisseur bone and treat purchased via a subscription, we'll contribute a portion of every subscription order we receive to charities dedicated to saving K9s from euthanization.  Together we can rescue dogs in need of a home.  We are devoted to serving and giving back to the K9 community by providing all-natural bones and treats all while saving dogs just like our own.

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beef cows

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usa dog

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natural lung

    Grass-Fed Beef

        Free-range, grass-fed cattle are the one and only  source ingredient in our long-lasting bones and treats. Treat your dog with a bone you know you can trust.

    Made in the USA

        You can now rest easy knowing where your dog’s bones and treats come from. On top of that, our bones and treats are odor-free, and your best friend can enjoy his favorite treat by your side.

    All Natural 

        One ingredient, no additives or questionable fillers. Treat your dog with five-star bones and treats, complete with an "ingredient" you can actually pronounce.

Dog Size

All Sizes

Small Dogs 0-15 lbs

Medium Dogs 16-49 lbs

Large Dogs 50-99 lbs

Extra Large Dogs 100+ lbs

Made in the USA

All Natural

No Odor

Perfect For

-small rewards for training dogs

-entertainment for small dogs who struggle with boredom -nutrient packed with bone marrow

-entertainment for medium dogs who struggle with boredom -nutrient packed with bone marrow

-entertainment for large dogs who struggle with boredom -nutrient packed with bone marrow

-entertainment for extra large dogs with iron jaws, who struggle with boredom

JUST ONE INGREDIENT – No hard to pronounce ingredients, or questionable sourcing
ALL NATURAL – No preservatives, no artificial flavoring, makes for a doggone good treat
LOCALLY SOURCED – Made only from grass-fed cattle born and raised in America
HEALTHY TRAINING TREATS FOR DOGS – Reward your pet fur-baby for a “pawfect 🐾 ” job well done
LOW CALORIE DOG TREATS -w/a minimum of 30% protein each, these help keep your canine strong & lean

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