The Helping Babies Sleep Method: The Art and Science of Teaching Your Baby to Sleep

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You’ve read it everywhere; put your little one down “drowsy but awake.” While well-intentioned, “drowsy but awake” is what sets most parents up to fail long term. This manifests as immense time spent getting your baby to sleep and not getting enough sleep. Cue the rocking, feeding or reinserting a pacifier at 1 am and again and again. The dilemma “‘How do I get my child to sleep more with less effort from me?” The secret no one told you: The drive to sleep is biological, the way we sleep is learned.You wanted to be the best parent you possibly could. That vision involved a happy baby who slept like a champ and never cried. However you’re having a hard time executing that vision. The frequent waking, intense amounts of time spent getting your baby to sleep and the constant fatigue are becoming unsustainable. You also worry that your baby could be better rested and relations with your spouse have become tense. Things are not working out as you had imagined. Your internet searches have proved to be confusing. You’re seeing different philosophies, different methods, lots of theories but no step by step action plans. **Your complete solution for babies 0 to 24 months is here. The Helping Babies Sleep Method teaches you the art and science of teaching your baby to sleep. In the newborn stage you’ll learn how to avoid common parenting pitfalls and work on gentle no tear sleep shaping to achieve long stretches of age appropriate night time sleep quickly. From 4 to 24 months, you’ll learn about sleep science to give you a thorough understanding of the physiology and behavior in having a great sleeper. At every age, the method addresses all your baby’s daily activities: feeding, sleeping, naps, playtime and night time sleep. Evidence based approaches that are easy to understand from birth to 24 months.The Helping Babies Sleep Method helps you create your customizable sleep plan based on your child’s age, your parenting philosophy and provides best and worst case scenarios. You’ll never be left wondering, what do I do now? You’ll see progress within 2-3 nights. Most parents have completed their journey in two weeks and say “Why didn’t I do that sooner?”Dr. Sarah Mitchell is a chiropractor by training but found her passion empowering parents to teach their little ones to sleep and parent confidently day and night. Her personal experience with a child who wouldn’t sleep, despite her healthcare background, ignited her passion for researching sleep. She’s been working with babies since 2013 and has helped thousands of parents overcome their sleep challenges and feel even more confident in their parenting and sleep detective skills. Located in Silicon Valley, her clientele has included big tech executives, pediatricians, labour and delivery nurses and parents just like you. Their commonality: all smart, capable, resourceful people who didn’t know how to get their babies to sleep because having a great sleeper isn’t really that instinctual. Parenting is a skill that can be taught. You want to feel like you’re rocking this parenting thing and completing meeting your baby’s needs in a connected and compassionate manner. With comprehensive sections devoted to bedtime, naps, night feeding, plus solutions to special circumstances like traveling, daylight savings time and reflux, the Helping Babies Sleep Method is the book you need to make that vision a reality.

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