Camping Lantern Dimmable LED Light Bulb USB Rechargeable Hanging Tent Light Portable Emergency Lantern Outdoor Light Bulb New

Price: 49.50 - 4.45


Brighter, better quality

Product upgrade

First on the whole network

Second-generation LED rechargeable bulbs

Authenticity guarantee

One year warranty

Please be assured purchase


Rechargeable mobile light bulb, night market stall, power outage emergency, outdoor adventure

Brighter than the same wattage, using the sixth generation of LED chips: slow light, more power, brighter and more stable

More energy efficient, longer lasting power and worry

Long life, LED high quality lamp beads, long service life

High brightness, full charge can last for up to 7~48 hours (see specific properties)

High-energy core rapid charging, central processing system, high conversion rate

Same capacity, our battery life is longer

PP white lampshade, durable, high light transmission; resistant to falling, rainproof

Do you feel a lot more convenient when you buy a charging light?

1, comes with battery, no need to pull the wire, convenient and convenient, whatever you want

2, power outage, outdoor camping, car breakdown, dry farm work, get a light, do whatever you want

3, mobile night market stalls, a light in hand, everything is free, whatever you want

Three-speed brightness adjustable

Click: highlight

Press again: soft light

Click again: strobe

Press again: close


Product: Waterproof lighting

Product size: 14*8*8cm (80W)-10000LM

Product material: spinning aluminum lamp body PP lamp cover

Product wattage: 80W

Battery model: 18650 lithium battery, battery capacity 1200mAh / block

Battery capacity: 1 lithium battery 

Adjust the gear position: the third gear brightness can be adjusted

Illumination duration: 80w (2-5h)

Light source chip: imported high-brightness chip

Light color: white

Lamp Bead Specifications: SMD2835

Working voltage: 5V, 1A

Applications: Emergency lights\Night booths\Outdoor activities, picking lights, night reading, picnic camping

Package Included:

1* light

1*usb charging cable

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