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Persistent Migraine? Never-ending headache? You are not alone and this guide was made for you!

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This book will help you better understand Headache and chronic migraine and see how you can deal with it. It has been written as a general overview outlining the main things you need to know about this subject. It’s a short read and a great start for people who know little about the subject.

Headaches are very common; in fact, almost everyone will have a headache at some point. Headaches have been written about since the time of the Babylonians. Migraine headaches are even discussed in the Bible. Some very famous historical figures (for example, Napoleon Bonaparte) suffered from severe headaches. Although headaches might rarely be due to infections or diseases, most are probably the result of an inborn protective mechanism responding to an external environmental stress. Headaches can be divided into 2 broad categories: primary headaches and secondary headaches.

Common triggers of migraine headaches include heat, stress, and lack of sleep or food. Not every headache sufferer is sensitive to these triggers, but virtually all persons with migraine headaches (called migraineurs) have some environmental trigger. A majority of migraineurs have a first-degree relative (parent, brother, sister, or child) with a history of migraine.

People with an inherited tendency for headaches may respond more easily than others to these external stress factors. Some experts have therefore thought that headache is an adaptive and developed response. Most primary headaches slowly develop over minutes to hours. This book is here to introduce you to this painful but usually easy to solve problem!

What you’re about to learn…

  • Chapter 1 – Overview on Headaches
  • Chapter 2 – Types of Headaches and their Causes and Symptoms
  • Chapter 3 – Home Remedies for Chronic Migraines
  • Chapter 4 – Preventive Treatments for Chronic Migraines
  • Chapter 5 – Identifying Food Triggers of Chronic Migraines
  • Chapter 6 – Stress Management for Chronic Migraines
  • Much, much more!

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"Great book – concise, clear, highly informative. . I’ve been searching for many years (doctors, books, medications, etc.) for something to make a dent in my migraines, and I think I’ve finally found what I was looking for. And not something you’ll hear about anywhere else that I know of. It’s really helped to me better understand headache and chronic migraine Highly recommended!"

– Guy Bass –

"Headache pain cross the limit of toleration and I accepted many drugs but nothing can treat as suitable solution. My friend refereed me this book and I starting to read and following some tips. These all are effective to remedy headache pain. Now I am free from this pain. Thanks writer!"

– Jane Auston –

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