S24 Plastic Parts Retreading Agent Wax Instrument Panel Hydrophobic Liquid Plastic Restorer Polish Long-Lasting Protects Hgkj

Price: 17.55 - 9.65

Product Details:

Restore Like New Black: Car's plastic trim of outside is very easy to fade, this product can restore your plastic trim to a new color, black and shiny.

Waterproof & Longlasting: This product is resistant to washing, will not fade after several rain washings, and can maintain long-term.

Delay Oxidation and Fading: This product can form a protective coating on the surface of the plastic trim, effectively preventing the erosion of sewage and delaying the fading and aging of the plastic trim.


1. Clean and dry the plastic trim

2. Wipe the coating evenly on the surface of the plastic trim with the sponge.

3. Wait for the coating to fully moisturize and penetrate the surface of the plastic trim, about 5 minutes.

4. Wipe off the excess coating liquid with a dry towel.

Plastic refurbishment agent

Concentrated coating essence, instantly black and bright.

The plastic turns white,the appearance plummets

Water repellent protection, delay aging

Isolate plastic parts to reduce mud and water residue.

Renovation effect real visible

Real shot effect display


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