16 Jul


The Sound Storm Electronic Crossover with Remote Subwoofer Level Control (3 Way) tells your tweeters when to tweet and your woofers when to woof. The SX310 is a 3-way electronic crossover with remote subwoofer level control. It features front, rear and subwoofer inputs as well as independent front, rear and subwoofer output levels and level controls.Independent Front, Rear and Subwoofer Output Level Controls
Front High Pass Crossover Variable From 32Hz to 250kHz
Rear High Pass Crossover Variable From 40Hz to 400kHz
Subwoofer Crossover Variable From 40Hz to 400Hz
Remote subwoofer level control
(sub out)Stereo/mono switch (subwoofer)
Bass boost: variable 0 to +12DB. Bass boost frequency selector: 25Hz to 250Hz. Phase shift switch
Frequency multiplier: x1 or x20. Selectable crossover slope: 6. dB/octave or 12 dB/octave.
Remote subwoofer level controlParallel input switch (permits feeding multiple Channels from one input)
High pass and sub outputs Variable crossover frequencies: High pass: 50Hz to 1.5kHzSubwoofer: 35Hz to 400Hz
Output voltage: 8 Volts (max). Signal-to-noise ratio: 110 dB. Dimensions: 8-1/2″ (W) x 7-3/8″ (L) x 1-5/8″ (H)
Signal-to-noise ratio: >100 dB Dimensions: 7-1/4″ (W) x 7-3/8″ (L) x 1 5/8″ (H)
Slope: 12 dB/octave Remote subwoofer level control Bass boost: variable 0 – +12DB @ 45HzPhase inversion shift switch
Stereo/mono switch (subwoofer). Independent front, rear and Subwoofer output level controls. Speaker input level adjustment

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