FOX 40 ELECTRONIC WHISTLE 3-TONE 125 dB 9 volt batteryLoud, consistent sound every time!Hand operation offers improved hygiene. Three distinctive tones helps players differentiate between coaches and officials during multi-field sporting events and team practices. Ideal for coaches, teachers, ball games and boating. It can be used in all temperatures and environments. Whistle sound can be aimed in specific direction – away from user.Design: 9-volt battery; 3 three tone function – tone 1 / tone 2 / tone 3 with off switch.Sound Power: exceeds 125 dBSize- 5″ long X 1 ” wideComes with detachable wrist loop lanyard and 9 volt batteryFOX 40 WHISTLE! Loud Consistent Sound!
Wrist Lanyard, and 9 volt battery Included
3-tones, loud 125db
Color: Red

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