Three Dimensions Powder Mixer / Blender / Mixing Machine


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Mixing Laptop / Powder Mixer / Food Mixer
Model: 3M
1.High effectivity and brief mixing time. 
2.Pharma mixer 
3.Made of SUS304 
4.GMP Deliver
(Three dimension mixer)The mixing barrel of the laptop strikes in multi-direction. For the substances, there is not any centrifugal characteristic, without the specification gravity segregation and the layer division. For every of construct-up phenomenon, there is the stunning weight cost. The mixing cost is excessive. The laptop is the preferred one of quite a few mixers currently.
Working Precept:                                                                    
The barrel for charging the substances is pushed with the aid of the using shaft. The barrel physique incorporates on the repeated level stream, rotation, turning and other complicated actions in order that the substances will perform the three dimensions and complicated movements alongside the barrel physique to be able to recognize the quite a few actions of the substances. Through disseminating, gathering, agglomerating and mixing to recognize uniform mixing.
Product Traits:                                                           
1. The material cost cost of barrel is huge. Maximum rate can also be up to ninety% (while standard mixer has only forty-50% of cost cost.). It is excessive in effectivity and brief in mixing time.
2. The barrel adopts arc form connections and it’s neatly polished.
The laptop is used for mixing the powder state and grain state substances to obtain excessive uniformity within the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light-industry, electronic, mechanical, metallurgical, nation protection industries and different science and know-how institutes.
Technical Parameter:                                
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