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How to order ?

How many meter window width, you take 2 times order please!

For example:  If Your window width: 0.5 meter (20 inch)

              please buy 1 meter … Important !

                      (1 meter = 40 inch (1 inch = 0.025 m) 


window width: 0.5 meter  Buy 1 meter

window width: 1.0 meter  Buy 2 meter

window width: 1.5 meter  Buy 3 meter

window width: 2.0 meter  Buy 4 meter

window width: 2.5 meter  Buy 5 meter

window width: 3.0 meter  Buy 6 meter


(Note: If without consulting directly order and pay 1 meter order ,


I will default to: send 1 meters width, 2.65 meters height curtain to you,….. Important )


The price is for the Finished Curtain 1 meter.

1m Cloth Curtain+1m Sheer Curtain+middle top valance and beads+rope+2 wall hook

if  you don't  need the valance please ask the seller to cut the cost down.

(1 meter order can reduce 40 Dollar if you don't need the top valance)


Default Curtain height: about 2.72 meter  (107 inch)

(if you need other size please Leave a message)

Shipping Time: 3-10 days after the payment is confirmed


1. If the width of width less than 1 meter (40 inch),it will be default make in only one piece,

   If more than 1 meter (40 inch), it will be default make in two pieces. left and right each.

   If you want to make it one whole piece or custom. please leave a message to seller.


2. there are two method how to install the curtain hang:

1.punch ring 


(the cloth curtain and the sheer curtain can be different method)

please inform us what the method you need, the punch or the Hook……….. Important


Curtain size will be about 2 times of the window size when you received it ,

that is to say, if the window is 1 meter (40 inch) wide,

curtain will be about 2 meter (80 inch) wide needed.

(about 40 inch Cloth Curtain + about 40 inch Sheer Curtain)








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