250g 100% Organic Chlorella Vulgaris Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Tablet 250mgx1000pcs Broken High Quality Rich of Chlorophyll,Protein


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Product Benefits

1.Organic Chlorella AAA+: Helps Bowel Circulation/ Maintain In shape Metabolism

2.Promote Detox. Chlorella is the optimum supply of chlorophyll, which is herbal detoxifier, and a catalyst for the absorption of other features, including iron..

3.100% Original,exported to Europe.

4.Do not comprise any impurities,100% Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Broken Powder pressed into capsules.

5.Our product 1000pcs x 250mg/tablet,are heavier 25% than different save's product.

 More heavier, the impact is greater!

6.In the 2001 ,Our product the chlorella powder recognized as countrywide new items by means of Ministry of Science and Expertise.

Product Introduction
1.Organic Chlorella and cracked cellphone wall Chlorella
2.Packaging: 250mg*1000 capsules = 1bag(250g)
3.Source: Chlorella vulgaris, Ch.ellipsoidea, Ch.py-renoidosa.
4.Appearance:Green high-quality Capsules.
5.Ingredients: Chlorophyll, protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, nucleic acids and CGF and so on.
6.Suggest Consumption:Daily consumption of 12 ~ 16 grains.
1.It has the enhancement of human immunity, prevent virus proliferation and restrain melanoma cellphone proliferation and inhibit surge in blood glucose, reduce serum ldl cholesterol, eliminate toxin, quickly restore the harm of the physique organism and so on
2. Improving immunity,effectively cutting back excessive blood power,high blood glucose and excessive blood fats
3. Preventing abdominal and intestinal disorder,to enrich the coronary heart and lungs feature
4.Helps bowel circulation
5.Helps with acute circumstances and maintaining in shape bacteria6.
6.Maintain a in shape metabolism
7.Great for elementary skincare
8.Supports the removal of heavy steel, purifies the bowels and the entire physique
9.Great for digestive gadget
10.A herbal detoxifier
11.Our particular "Cracked Cellphone Wall" process enhances the Chlorella absorption price from forty% to eighty% while preserve vitamins.
12.The wealthy dietary fibers present in the Chlorella at evening can assists with defecation in a single day.
13.The GABA present in Chlorella is in a position to support with a superb evening sleep, giving you a superb evening's relaxation after a tough day of labor.
14.Working/ Studying right through the day might also lead to a scarcity of greens and fruits to your diets, therefore Chlorella at evening replenishes dietary fibers and support in internal cleaning.
Nutrient Stability
 Chlorella Construction Base  
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The Strict Quality Handle Strategies
We have delivered right into a most superior device AA-700 from united states of america for heavy steel detection.This let us may give.
GMP Workshop
High average hygiene workshop wholly complies with the GMP average for health meals.
 Most superior computing device for making capusles supplies positive items.                                
PONY Checking out Document
Phytosanitary Certificates
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