11.11 Deals Xuping Fashion Earring Top Sale High Quality European Style Charm Design Synthetic CZ Christmas Jewelry 90993


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11.11 Bargains Xuping Vogue Appropriate Sale Crystals from Swarovski Colourful Earrings With Colour Plated Attraction For ladies Present XE2189USD eight.50/pair
Xuping Vogue Feminine Ring Unique Appealing Rose Gold Colour Plated With White Artificial CZ Christmas Rings For ladies 12838USD 2.62/piece
11.11 Bargains Xuping Vogue Earrings Appropriate Sale High Great European Style Attraction Design Gold Colour Plated Costume Rings 90012USD three.97/pair
11.11 Bargains Xuping Luxurious Earrings Christmas Presents Crystals from Swarovski Colorful Attraction For ladies Presents XE2115USD eight.68/pair
11.11 Xuping Vogue Earrings High Great European Style Attraction Design Rose Gold Colour Plated Rings Christmas Present S17-90045USD three.30/pair
11.11 Bargains Xuping Vogue Earrings New Design Luxurious Artificial CZ Hoop Statement Rings Christmas For ladies 201607USD three.34/pair
11.11 Bargains Xuping Vogue Earrings Mom’s Day Finest Present Mom Attraction European Form Gold Colour Plated Costume Jewelry Present 29584USD 2.18/pair
11.11 Bargains Xuping Vogue Earrings 2017 New Arrival High Great Rings for Women Attraction Christmas Present Promoting 29692USD 2.06/pair


The leading stone measurement about eight*8 mm.

The earring measurement about forty seven*26 mm.

The weight of earring is about four.9 g/pair.

The merchandise is with our identify "xuping" on it.


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