VOA Grey Rarity Baby Cashmere Coat Women Sheep Wool Belt Wrap Ladies Luxury Overcoat Winter Warm Bathrobe Outerwear Clothes S321


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Material Composition: 95.2% Baby Cashmere + 4.8% Sheep Wool 

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1, The cashmere wool coat is fabricated from fragile fiber. After no longer donning it at evening, please cling with a hanger and take out the heavy objects to your pocket in time; 

2, Keep dry when wearing excessive-end cashmere wool coats. Sunny midday, Let the coat dry for an hour, and gently remove filth; 

3, Cashmere wool coat when contaminated with filth, can no longer use a tough brush to brush, remove the floor floating and sinking, with ash-removing curler; 

4, cashmere wool coat shouldn't be worn too lengthy, if you've two cashmere wool coats, Then please exchange costume, should be hung in a dry and ventilated location when no longer donning; 

5, Cashmere wool coat seems wrinkles, steam iron may also be adjusted to a low temperature state, Ironing at a distance of 1~2 CM from the coat. You can additionally put a towel on the coat and iron it, so that it received't harm the wool fiber and may not go away the ironing marks. 


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