VOA 2018 Winter Navy Blue Marten Fur Edging Silk Jacquard Tunic Warm Coat Vintage Plus Size Women Maxi Long Parka Coat MLX00501


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Material Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk

Thickness: 38 m/m (m/m isn’t millimeter, it’s the unit of thickness of silk material mome, 1 m/m = 4.3056 g / square meter)

Why select silk material?

1, In fresh years, after scientific analysis, people have discovered that silk fabric have respectable fitness and treatment capabilities;

2, Silk, which is a protein fiber, contains 18 styles of amino acids advantageous to the human physique, which can aid the skin retain the metabolism of the floor lipid movie, so it may possibly preserve the dermis moist and clean;

3, In addition, it has an auxiliary therapeutic impact on definite skin illnesses. Medical employees used silk to make quite a lot of fabrics in accordance with the wants of quite a lot of components of the human physique. Thirty sufferers with itchy dermis were chosen for medicine. The consequences confirmed that basic use of silk fabric can obtain greater healing impact with out the use topical medicines;

4, Silk can additionally protect individuals’s dermis from the solar’s ultraviolet rays. The silky silk that the silkworms spit out will steadily flip yellow beneath the ultraviolet mild, because the silk absorbs the ultraviolet rays within the daylight. Medical normal feel tells individuals that extreme ultraviolet radiation is extraordinarily dangerous to human dermis.Therefore, the absorption of ultraviolet rays through silk fibers can obtain the intention of combating ultraviolet rays.


1, Hand wash at 30 levels or much less, and flip the clothing over and wash them. If you soak it with water dripping a couple of drops of balsamic vinegar, the silk clothing washed out are smooth and clean;

2, It is not really helpful to clean with alkaline detergent and cleaning soap when washing. After washing, choose a ventilated area to dry and keep away from broken the silk clothing feeling and colour;

3, Silk clothing after sweating must be washed automatically;

4, Do not dangle silk clothing on tough steel hooks to stay away from harm to the silk floor;

5, When the silk clothing isn’t put on, it is not really helpful to place the mothballs, otherwise it could be handy to embrittle;

6, The ironing temperature must be above one hundred levels, It is finest to place a lining on the clothing.



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