Medical bandage sports elastic bandage 10 * 450cm selfadhesive elastic bandage


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Medical bandage activities elastic bandage 10 * 450cm selfadhesive elastic bandage

1.Material: Non-woven
First, the product identify
Non-woven elastic bandage (self-adhesive classification)
Second, the product composition
Products using clinical drive-sensitive adhesive or herbal latex cotton fabric, non-woven, intramuscular impact of patch, elastic fabric, medical skim gauze, spandex fiber, elastic non-woven fabric and herbal rubber composite substances creation.
Third, the size necessities
Specifications (cm): 10X450cm
Fourth, the leading product efficiency
Should be uniform colour, incision neat, no odor, stains, and burrs and different defects uncovered; Pull drive must now not be lower than 10N / cm; Self-adhesive must now not be lower than 3N / cm; Elongation must now not be lower than 50%; There must be no skin infection .
Fifth, the meant use
   For wound dressing or limbs to supply binding, to play bandage, fixed position.
Sixth, the use of strategies
   The elastic bandage internal equipment is eliminated, the bandage is wound across the web site to be mounted, the acceptable size of the pull (shear) off, and the fracture half (about 5cm lengthy) bandage overlap in the past wrapped bandages, with a robust drive The overlapping a part of the bandages will also be.
Seven, contraindications:
  Moldy phenomenon, it is forbidden to make use of.
Eight, precautions and warnings
   1. This product is non-sterile items, the bandage can’t be at once uncovered to the wound or wound, the wound must be sterilized after coated with sterile substances, before bandaging.
   2. This product has a definite flexibility within the bandage and exterior fixation, according to the necessities of the acceptable use of drive and the variety of layers, not too tight or too free, too tight will give sufferers with soreness or partial blood give and other adversarial reactions , Too free will now not play the position of mounted and dressing wounds.
   3. The use of this product for exterior fixation must be continually followed and timely substitute.
   4. This product is a one-time use.
Nine, storage, storage and transportation circumstances
   Packaged bandages must be kept in relative humidity much less than eighty%, non-corrosive gases and neatly-ventilated clear room.
Ten, shelf lifestyles
    From the date of creation, valid for 2 years.
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